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Site Update - Oct 13/09

New section on Primal Tails and The LitterBox has been updated (link below for the blog).

Sept 05/09
Updated the page on Strange Acquaintances with a page number count and to inform people that it's still on going. As well, I've added a page on Shades of Desire with history, page count, and status as well.

Aug 13/09
For those interested my cats Autumn & Promise now have their own blog.

Blog Update - Oct 28/09

The Artificer Comic - Character Sketches
Click to see some character sketches to the upcoming new free comic!


The Litterbox Update - Oct 13/09

Autumn & The Shiny Barrettes
Video of Autumn playing with my silver barrettes.


Links that are on the left hand side menu.

These are all the currently places I personally post my art. If you see it anywhere else, be it under my name or another, it is not me. If I sign up to a new site to showcase my stuff I will list it here.

Note: I do however visit the HentaiPalm forums from time to time.